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Holding space for you to notice God’s presence


Based on the ancient practice of spiritual direction, Great Road’s SoulCare ministry provides safe, listening space for those who hunger for God. Potential discussion topics range from personal connection with God, finding community and belonging with God’s people, to connecting to God’s purposes. Anyone who wants to have a conversation about their spiritual journey is welcome to make an appointment at any time. Please note, all appointments are confidential.

If you are a partner at Great Road Church, having a spiritual conversation with a SoulCare team is part of the annual partnership renewal process.


SoulCare meetings are more than ‘spiritual check-ins.’ They are an opportunity for honest spiritual conversations with people who care about your growth and spiritual desires and who will hold space for you to
notice God’s presence in your life.


Hello, I’m Ruth. I immigrated to the USA from England with my husband and two young sons in 1993; I’ve lived in Acton ever since. I’m attracted by our church’s commitment to ministry to all God’s people and to the spiritual growth of everyone who finds a home here. It is a deep delight for me to be part of this ministry of listening to and with people as they explore how they encounter God, their faith, joys, struggles, and yearnings.


Hi, I’m Jack! My family and I moved to Acton from Rochester, NY in 2012 and love being part of Great Road Church. My wife Cathy and I have three kids and a dog. I’m a product manager by profession, and enjoy reunions and escape rooms. Being on the SoulCare team allows me to witness and marvel at the different ways God shows up in people’s lives, which is not always an easy topic to get to in casual conversation!


Hi, I’m Lauren! I grew up in Maryland but have lived in MA with my husband, Joel, since college. We moved to Acton in 2014. I’ve been a project manager at Mass General, a Kidsrock Director at the church, and am now a stay-at-home mom to four young kids. I’m part of the SoulCare Team because reflecting on my spiritual journey has been so fruitful for me and I want to share that experience!


Hey there! I’m Micah. I’m a Littleton native who moved closer to the city, as many people in their 20s do! Outside of church, I work in public health, and I play a lot of Brazilian jiu jitsu. In Soulcare, I take a flexible approach so the conversation can go wherever you need it to. This is your time, and I’m here to listen without judgment, just holding space and helping you reflect on God’s unique presence and invitations in your life.


Hi, I’m Peg. I grew up in Potsdam, New York. My husband, Joe, and I and children moved to Stow in 1991. We have three adult children and 12 grandchildren. I work as an oncology nurse at MGH and love to spend time with my grandkids, golf, walk, and garden. My first exposure to quiet listening for the Holy Spirit was at an Alpha program. I enjoy the SoulCare ministry as it’s a faith lifting opportunity to see and listen to how God is present and working in people’s lives.


“Hi! I’m Phyllis. I grew up in Seattle, WA and have been in the Boston area for 20+ years. I’ve taken an interesting journey that’s led to my role as Next Gen Pastor at Great Road. I’m constantly on the search for the best burger, love a good show or movie, and hanging out with my husband, daughter, and dog! I love seeing how God shows up in our lives and journeying in that together.”


“Hello! I’m Willie, an Acton resident, partner to Becky, and dad to 3 kids. I love basketball, reading novels, and I’m learning to appreciate long walks in the woods. From working as a hospital chaplain early in ministry to working with several spiritual directors, I’ve come to appreciate the power and gift of a caring, listening, Spirit-attuned presence in one’s life.”


A SoulCare meeting usually lasts an hour and starts with acknowledging God’s presence through a simple prayer or reading from Scripture. The SoulCare team will then follow your lead if you have a particular question or topic in mind, or they’ll be glad to guide the conversation, listening for God with you through the asking of open questions. You are welcome to say ‘pass’ on any question that you don’t want to answer! The space and time are for YOU, for the cultivation of your own awareness of God’s leading and presence in your life! At an hour, or sooner if the conversation is complete, the team often wraps with the identification of a next step and a prayer.

The survey is simply a way to get your mind and heart reflecting ahead of time – a sort of ‘priming the pump’ in order to maximize your time with the SoulCare team. It also provides the team with something to pray on in advance of your meeting. Does the survey stress you out? Don’t sweat it, it’s meant as a helpful tool, not a stress creator! Feel free to just answer the questions that resonate.

Because we want to care well for you! And having multiple ears and hearts in the room – with their own lenses and perspectives – has proven really helpful! Also, as a community we are committed to spiritual and emotional health, transparency, and accountability. Our SoulCare teams work under pastoral supervision but also don’t necessarily have the benefit of all the training and layers of supervision required of our pastoral staff. Given this, we prefer to work in teams.

No! It’s not an interview, an interrogation, or any other means by which to evaluate you! We have no interest in evaluating your relationship with God. We simply want to provide safe, honest space where you can grow in hearing and trusting God’s voice in your own life. One of the best places for this to happen is in the company of trusted companions who are listening alongside.

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