December 29, 2019


Passage: Luke 1:28-33

Does Christmas ever feel a little flat to you? Like you are just re-opening the same gift year after year? We want love, joy, hope, and peace, but our nice traditions don't help us experience those things very far into the new year. We need something new, and something true. Throughout history, God's people have had many needs - just like we do today. And so they gave Jesus many different names and titles to help capture the breadth and depth of the needs that he meets; the gifts that he gives his people on Christmas and beyond. They called him the Prince of Peace, Wonderful Counselor, God With Us, and more! This Christmas season we invite you to join us in unwrapping the gift we have been given in Jesus. Each Sunday in Advent we'll focus on a different name of Jesus in order to better understand and receive the gift of his coming. When we do, we will find something much grander and more powerful than we might have thought!

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