Wells Not Fences

January 9, 2022
“Will you give me a drink?” Have you asked that question of Jesus lately? What do you thirst for? In the Gospel of John, Jesus first reveals he is the…

The Serenity Prayer

August 16, 2020
Speechless. Shocked. The troubles of this world can be so overwhelming, we often don’t have the words to express our pain, to name God’s presence, or direct our steps. But…

Despair > Hope

April 12, 2020
Greater Boston is all about learning - we read books, take classes, listen to podcasts, savor rich conversation! But while our culture is all about amassing helpful information, it also…

Do You Love Me?

September 10, 2017
We have lots of questions for God. In the Gospels, Jesus only directly answered three questions. But he asked over 300 questions! In this series, we consider Jesus' questions and…
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